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Our Risk Technology works. Does yours?

​Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Arthur C. Clarke

Market Risk Alert

“Now we’re seeing risk levels in U.S. equity markets that are even higher than they were at this time in 2008. This predicts a very hard landing, not the soft one that the Fed and Treasury are hoping for.”


“When the bubbles burst, a drop of 30% in Consumer Staples will be a minor loss in comparison to what we expect in other, much more volatile, sectors. And this time, unlike 2008, the Fed is tightening into what looks like a major crash.”

Omega Analysis' business is the robust engineering development of solutions to practical problems backed by decades of experience in cutting edge mathematical sciences research.


Omega Metrics® technology is based on Omega Analysis' fundamental research advances in mathematics and statistics. Our technology helps minimise uncertainty in critical decision using your data to make accurate predictions for tactical and strategic decisions and the discovery of new horizons.

In Finance our risk management solutions provide unprecedented accuracy in forecasting risk–and therefore unprecedented opportunities for controlling it.

During the Covid-19 epidemic we developed a new model for predicting outbreak waves and providing accurate forecasts of the healthcare needs they generate.

Omega Analysis' statistical technology is a truly revolutionary advance, not an incremental one. ​Based on new discoveries in fundamental mathematics and statistics, it provides unprecedented tools for data analysis.

About us
William F. Shadwick is Managing Director of Omega Analysis Limited.
During his previous career in mathematics he was responsible for establishing the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences and worked in many prestigious institutions, including  the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley, IMPA, Brazil and the NASA Ames Research Center.

Ana Cascon was a tenured professor of mathematics at the Federal University Fluminense Brazil before moving from academic to industrial research.

Together they have pioneered a fundamentally new approach to the study of probability and statistics. Their revolutionary new tools, coupled with their no-nonsense approach, have  yielded extraordinary results.


Cascon and Shadwick were the recipients of the 2007 Journalism Award and the 2010 Edward D. Baker III Journal Award of the Investment Management Consultant’s Association for their published research on risk and performance measurement. In 2010, Shadwick was the University of Hawaii Mathematics Department’s Distinguished Lecturer.
In October 2016, Omega Analysis came second, Highly Commended for ‘Best Economic Research’ in Investment Week’s inaugural Research Awards. In 2017, Omega Analysis was shortlisted in 2 categories, Best Research Report and Best Research Service in the Investment Week Research Awards. 
In 2018 Omega Analysis won Best Use of Technology In Investment Week's Investment Research Awards 2018: 'The Investment Research Awards are designed to highlight research services that demonstrate knowledge, innovation, engagement, clarity and transparency' and the Best Use of technology for 'building additional insights through the use of proprietary technology'.

Both Ana Cascon and William Shadwick are currently on a extended visit to IMPA, Brazil's national mathematics research institute in Rio de Janeiro.

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