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Risk Alert- US Banks

Risk Alerts

Our bubble detector confirms the widespread fears and warnings that the unprecedented stimulus after the Covid Crash of March 2020 would result in unsustainable asset price inflation. Now the Biggest Broadest Asset Bubble in History may be About to Burst. Moreover, the US Banking System is in trouble.

Risk Alert- US Banks

Risk Alert US Banks. -6 November 2023

“The US Banking System is in trouble. Large institutions (and the KBW Index) are giving the same warning signal of 'panic selling' that Lehman Brothers and the Royal Bank of Scotland did in 2008 in the lead-up to the GFC. Bubbles always correct because prices can’t go to infinity. Asset prices in Anti-Bubbles often correct—but the difference is that prices can go to zero.

Whether you’re a shareholder, bond-holder, counter-party, or short seller, you need to know which US banks are in Anti- Bubbles to successfully steer through what’s coming.

Market Risk Alert

Market Risk Alert. -15 August 2023

“Now we’re seeing risk levels in U.S. equity markets that are even higher than they were at this time in 2008. This predicts a very hard landing, not the soft one that the Fed and Treasury are hoping for.”

"When the bubbles burst, a drop of 30% in Consumer Staples will be a minor loss in comparison to what we expect in other, much more volatile, sectors. And this time, unlike 2008, the Fed is tightening into what looks like a major crash.

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