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Sample Research Archive 2018

What Just Happened? Our Red Alert Indicator for market downturns is now on for the S&P 500 Index. -7 December 2018.

During the past 100 years Red Alert periods have produced disastrous returns for U.S. equity investors.Unless this time is really different from all of the previous instances, the odds are now very badly skewed against equity investment worldwide.

What Just Happened? Drawdown Risk in the S&P 500 Index is now Higher than it has ever been until after a major correction. -19 November 2018.

Drawdown Risk in the U.S. equity market has reached extreme levels.

What Just Happened? FAANG risk is Starting to Bite. -16 November 2018.

FAANG investors are now at high risk of a repeat of their worst week ever.

What Just Happened? The Future is Already Here- Part3. -29 October 2018.

The bubble in Emerging Market USD Bonds appears to be bursting and USD Corporate Credit might not be far behind.

What Just Happened? The Future is Already Here- Part2. -24 October 2018.

Booms are always followed by busts. The questions is When? In equity markets the bust may be underway.

What Just Happened? The Future is Already Here- Part1. -22 October 2018.

Market bubbles have been inflating since 2016 and some are now enormous. The future is another bust boom-bust cycle.

What Just Happened? There is now a high risk of S&P 500 drawdowns much worse then those we saw in February 2018. -10 August 2018.

What Just Happened? FAANG Investors Running a High Risk of Being Bitten. -23 July 2018.

The U.S. equity boom is getting long in the tooth and has lately been driven by the so called ‘FAANG’ portfolio. We expect to see a correction that will wipe out at least the past two years of gains in that investment. 

What Just Happened? There's a sting in the e-Commerce tails. -20 April 2018. 

There is a major bubble in e-Commerce the six most prominent e-Commerce companies, Amazon, eBay, Google, Facebook, Netflix and Twitter. Over the last 6 months the drawdown risk in that e-Commerce portfolio has exploded. 

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