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Finance Services

Market Intelligence

Omega Metrics® Market Intelligence makes Risk Cycle technology available for applications ranging from early warning indicators of emerging bubbles, corrections and recoveries to risk management of investment portfolios and trading positions​.

Assessment of Market Cycles.

Omega Metrics® Market Assessment combines Market Modes, Correction Levels, Market Risk Analysis and Multi-Trend Analysis to provide accurate assessment of the current phase in market cycles.

These indicators apply across asset classes and at levels of granularity from regional to country specific to sub-sectors and individual assets.

Risk Targeted Portfolios

Targeting an Expected Shortfall level is a very efficient way of allocating portfolio weights, boosting absolute and risk adjusted returns

Trend Analysis

Omega Metrics® Trend Trading technology rapidly adapts as the market evolves. The result is extremely efficient trading across asset classes, as in commodities, equities or currency. These strategies can also be used to provide dynamic hedges that not only prevent losses but generate profits. 

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