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Sector Risk: Commodities

Some of our articles written on Commodities since 2014

Omega Trend Trading Tecnology rapidly adapts trend following strategies as the market evolves. 
The result is extremely efficient trading tool across asset classes.

What Just Happened? Plummeting Copper Price. - 1 December 2015.  The price of copper has fallen more than 50% since its peak in 2011, dropping 12% in November. The worst is still to come: copper prices have been in an ‘anti-bubble'-an Unstable Contraction mode-since June of this year and risk levels for both long and short positions are rising dramatically.

What Just Happened? Volatility in Oil Prices. -2 September 2015  

The 99% 5-day VaR and ES are over 16% and over 25% respectively. Investors in the oil markets need to be prepared for significant multi-day movements in either direction.

What Just Happened? Plunging Oil Prices -22 December 2014.
Investors in the oil markets need to be prepared for insignificant multi-day drawdowns. As of 15 December 2014, our 99% 10-day VaR and ES were -15.4% and -24% respectively. 

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