Assessment of Market Cycles

Market Modes provide early warning of asset price bubbles and Correction Levels. Market Risk Analysis gives accurate measures of downside exposures at daily, weekly, bi- weekly and monthly time horizons.

These indicators apply across asset classes and at levels of granularity from regional to country specific to sub-sectors and individual assets.

They are coupled with Multi-Trend Analysis which provides accurate assessment of the current phase in market cycles.

The next trend change will signal a new phase in which investment decisions can profitably be informed by the Omega Metrics® Indicators.This signal will be of critical importance for long term investors.

In 2016 we published a study on the Royal Bank of Scotland losses of over 95% by 2010. Here we add an appendix with a description of the cascade of red alerts that this technology would have been providing, starting with an ‘Unstable Expansion’ in the RBS share price in July 2004.

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