William F. Shadwick is Managing Director of Omega Analysis Limited.
During his previous career in mathematics he was responsible for establishing the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences and worked in many prestigious institutions, including  the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley, IMPA, Brazil and the NASA Ames Research Center. 

Jointly with Ana Cascon, he has pioneered a fundamentally new approach to the study of probability and statistics which continues to generate powerful new tools for performance measurement, risk management and trading strategies. Cascon and Shadwick were the recipients of the 2007 Journalism Award and the 2010 Edward D. Baker III Journal Award of the Investment Management Consultant’s Association for their published research on risk and performance measurement. In 2010, Shadwick was the University of Hawaii Mathematics Department’s Distinguished Lecturer. 


In October 2016, Omega Analysis came second, Highly Commended for ‘Best Economic Research’ in Investment Week’s inaugural Research Awards. In 2017, Omega Analysis was shortlisted in 2 categories, Best Research Report and Best Research Service in the Investment Week Research Awards.


In 2018 Omega Analysis’ proprietary statistical tools won Investment Week’s Research Award for ‘Best use of technology’ and the company was an Equitywire finalist for Best U.S.Equity Research.

Both Ana Cascon and William Shadwick are currently on a extended visit to IMPA, the national mathematics research institute in Brazil.

They have developed a new phenomenological model for predicting the progress of Covid-19 and other epidemics.

Omega Analysis' risk technology is a truly revolutionary advance, not an incremental one. 


​Based on new discoveries in fundamental mathematics and statistics, it provides unprecedented accuracy in measuring risk–and therefore unprecedented opportunities for controlling it. ​